Lum Head Primary School, Gatley

School Ethos And Vision

Lum Head Primary School, Gatley

School Ethos

Lum Head is a diverse, nurturing and aspirational school.


School Vision

At Lum Head we believe that children thrive when they are happy, safe and feel cared for. Our school ethos is at the heart of all that we do.


  • Welcoming and including all children and families
  • Embracing and celebrating the rich diversity of our school community
  • Creating values of mutual respect, tolerance, fairness and understanding
  • Providing equal opportunities for everyone, by everyone


  • Nurturing and celebrating each child’s individual talents
  • A caring culture which puts children’s happiness and safety first
  • Developing teamwork, mutual care and support


  • Being relentless in our pursuit of excellence, inspired by high quality teaching, instilling a thirst for knowledge and learning
  • Designing a rich and deep curriculum which fosters creativity, imagination, curiosity and a love of learning
  • Preparing our children to be enthusiastic, lifelong learners