Lum Head Primary School, Gatley

Reading At Home

Recommended Reads from Mrs Holt our Librarian.


To start the year, here is a selection of Non-Fiction books for all those who love exciting facts and discovering something new. Age range is for guidance only.


Dinosaur Ultimate Handbook  Age 6-11      

For anyone who loves dinosaurs


Evolved  Age 5-9

The evolution of each animal group with timelines and charts


On This Day  Age 9-12

A great book to din in and out of 

Historical events which happened on every day of the year


Factopia  Age 8-12

A book of 400 facts

Great fun, hugely informative


Professor Astro Cat's Solar System  Age 7-11

Astro Cat teaches children about the wonders of Space


Funny bums, Freaky Beaks and Other Incredible Creature Features  Age 5-8

A book about all the weird and wonderful things animals can do


The Official Harry Potter Baking Book  Age 9-12

A collection of 44 recipes inspired by the Harry Potter films

Great range of recipes, many vegan with allergies taken into account. Great fun!


Night Sky  Rola Shaw  Age 7-11

Discover mysteries and secrets in the stars


The Travel Book  Lonely Planet  Age 8-12

Facts and information about the diverse geography, nature and culture of Countries around The World