Lum Head Primary School, Gatley







We were delighted to receive the Leading Parent Partnership Award (LPPA) in October 2019. The final verifier held meetings with groups of parents, governors, staff and children. Below are excerpts from the final verification report:


“All discussion groups were extremely positive about the school and their approach to parent partnership, with comments such as “open door”, “friendly”, “and like a family”. All were very clear that the school has improved over the award process, an improvement that started when the current Headteacher was appointed 3 years ago, particularly how parents are now welcomed into school, communication between school and home and seeking parents’ views.


The newer parents in the discussion group strongly expressed the welcome and the support they had received from the school, especially in relation to ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) education and ensuring they are included in the life of the school.  


The Headteacher has a very clear vision of parent partnership which is now shared with SLT, governors and staff and which results in a very positive whole school ethos of parent and community partnership. parents strongly support the school, posting positive comments on social media and were particularly supportive during this year’s Ofsted inspection. 


The school’s commitment to parent partnership is demonstrated in the school’s deployment of resources e.g. The Family Welfare Worker, who provides a strong link with parents and is central to the understanding of the needs of the school community. 


Everyone is very positive about the increased opportunities for 1:1 discussions, both formal and informal, and feel there is a great deal of trust between parents and school.”