Lum Head Primary School, Gatley

Reception Parents



A warm welcome to all of our Reception parents/carers and children. We all know that starting school can be an exciting time for many but can also bring worries when children are facing new challenges. At Lum Head we work hard to ensure that your child has a smooth transition from their pre-school or nursery setting. As part of this process our EYFS leader organises visits to all pre-schools and nursery settings to offer transition activities long before the children come to Lum Head. This ensures that we know your child well and helps us to meet any individual needs they may have. 


*Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, our transition arrangements may well be different this year depending on current Government guidance. We will contact all September 2022 new Reception parents to discuss new arrangements. 


Below is an Information pack for new parents.


"Steps To Starting School" gives you some top tips and help you to prepare your child and build their confidence ready for that first day. 


"What to expect in EYFS - A guide for parents" is a handy guide to your child’s learning and development in the Early Years Foundation Stage. 

The documents below will give you some information about what your child needs to be able to do before they read, write and learn about maths.