Lum Head Primary School, Gatley

Pupil Voice

Years 5 and 6

What worked well in the remote learning?

  • Having control over the timetable, choosing the order to do lessons and when they do them.
  • Working faster to get everything done.
  • Teachers’ videos – lots of children said they paused or rewound to listen to explanations again.
  • You could choose what to do at breaktimes; more choice at home than at school.
  • You could wear what you like

What didn’t work so well?

  • SIBLINGS! Many children complained about their brothers and sisters for various reasons: having to be the teacher for younger siblings then not being able to get on with their own work, being disturbed by them when trying to work, just having them around!
  • Problems with wi-fi, buffering, computers not working, sharing computers with other family members
  • You had to do the work on your own with no help.
  • You couldn’t ask questions during a lesson.


Years 3 and 4

What worked well in the remote learning?

  • Having more of a mix of work and play, including being able to going into their own room during the day
  • Having family around to help them.
  • Seeing more of their family.
  • Playing more with their siblings.
  • Being able to go for walks during the day.
  • Writing with a keyboard instead of by hand.
  • Having good enjoyable lessons, eg making volcanoes.

What didn’t work so well?

  • Many had wi-fi problems and some struggled to get links to open.
  • SIBLINGS – as for Years 5 and 6, they complained about brothers and sisters disturbing them when they worked, wanting help, getting in the way, just having them around
  • Lack of space to work in
  • Missing friends

. The majority are very happy to be back in school.


Years 1 and 2

What worked well in the remote learning?

  • Enjoyed getting through the work quicker and having more time to play
  • There were some really good lessons
  • Getting to play learning games
  • Having a wider choice of things to do at break times
  • Getting help from parents
  • Getting to spend more time with the family
  • Liked the teachers’ videos
  • Some children said they taught their parents new things and liked being teacher to them
  • More time to play
  • Others liked eating while they were learning, playing with pets…

What didn’t work so well?

  • SIBLINGS – mithering and making you fed up
  • Problems with computers
  • Didn’t like not having teachers around
  • Some had grumpy parents!
  • Missed learning with a partner which they do in school
  • Just didn’t enjoy working at home
  • Not having a birthday party
  • Feeling sad because they couldn’t see friends
  • Not being able to go out
  • Mum being too strict!

Virtually all are really happy to be back in school. Mix of children enjoying home learning/ not enjoying it – around ½ and ½.


Year 3 Pupil Voice on the 3 weeks back in school in March 2021.


What have you enjoyed most about being back in school?

                       The birthday party celebration

                       Our Geography WOW day

                       Seeing my teachers

                       Seeing my friends


What has gone well these last 3 weeks?

                        Our lessons


                        All the wellbeing activities – the wellbeing day on the first day back, the birthday                            party and Feel Good Fridays


What could we do better?

                        Have more tag rugby, basketball and tennis