Easter Assembly

Thank you to our wonderful children and staff for the amazing Easter assembly this morning. Parents came and enjoyed a hot cross bun and a cup of tea or coffee before watching the assembly. Children had obviously worked very hard on their performance as well as their Easter bonnets.



The Fire Service Visit Reception
Reception children loved it when the fire service came to visit them as part of all the work they have been doing looking at jobs and the world of work.  The children explored the fire engine and had great fun using the fire hose.

Diversity Week

Diversity Week was a tremendous success! The children really engaged with all the activities on offer at the multiculturaI market and thoroughly enjoyed the insights into culture and identity shared with us by some of the children’s parents.

World Book Day

We had a fabulous array of fictional characters in school on World Book Day.  The children made a super effort with their costumes and took part in lots of fun activities whilst in character.

Fairytale Ball

Reception children had a ball at the Fairytale Ball.  We saw lots of princes, princesses and fariytale characters.  The children made their own gingerbread after learning about The Gingerbread Man and Hansel and Gretel.

Author Andy Seed at Lum Head

When Andy Seed spent the day at Lum Head he enthralled the children with his enthusiasm for writing and the world of books. He regaled them with fun stories and poetry and they were very excited to have an author in school and have their new books signed by him.  Andy said that if you want to be able to write then you absolutely have to read.  He was pleased to see our new library and we are delighted that he has donated some of his books to our library collection.

Y4 Visit Roman Chester

Y4 had a wonderful time in Chester. Armed with shields, and under the instruction of an experienced legionary, they prepared for battle by replicating a Roman ‘tortoise’ battle formation and then defending the city walls.  They also learned about hygiene, medicine, food, pottery and archaeology and took time out to visit a Roman amphitheatre.

Our New Library  –  Opening Day

The children love our new library. In preparation for the big day Mrs Holt, the librarian, re-designed and transformed the library into a dynamic, inviting, and adaptable space. She’s filled it with exciting, funny, informative, and appealing books for all ages and levels. Each class had a library session in which they were given their own library cards before exploring the books and choosing one to take home. The project was an enormous undertaking which has enriched our school with a superb resource for children, teachers and parents to enjoy.

Virtual Journey Around The World

KS2 had an exciting morning exploring the world and outer space in virtual reality with Google Expedition.  Among many other exciting adventures, they climbed Everest and walked along The Great Wall of China.

Christmas Dinner

All classes enjoyed a delicious, festive, Christmas Dinner in the hall with tinsel and hats and Christmas music. 

Christmas Toy Appeal

Thank you to all who responded to the toy and gift appeal.  You have made someone’s Christmas special.  All donations have been sent to the Key 103 Appeal.  Thank you to Rhea and Annahita for the suggestion that Lum Head should get involved.


The author of The Christmasaurus Tom Fletcher, joined us in the Y3 classroom when the children switched into a live webcast.  Their tweet: ‘Lum Head Primary School Y3 Loving the webcast’, was featured on screen during the webcast (you can see it in the photos below) and everyone in class cheered.  They took part in the drawalong and listened to Tom reading extracts from his book.

Road Safety

Year 2 donned yellow reflective tabards when they left the safety of school to learn about safety on the roads.  They learned all aspects of staying safe, from crossing with care to understanding signals such as car indicator lights.

Hallé Youth Project

Year 6 have been selected to take part in the Hallé Youth Project which will see them compose a piece of music and a dance to be performed at the Bridgewater Hall in February and March.  They met Steve, the manager of the Hallé Youth Project, and he helped them to compose their own piece of music mimicking Handel’s ‘Music for the Royal Fireworks‘. Everyone had a go at playing a range of different instruments such as xylophones, drums and gongs.

They also had perfume workshop, delivered by PZ Cussons, encouraged them to use their noses to spot different scents. One of these fragrances will represent their composition when they perform at the Bridgewater Hall in March.  They are all so excited about the rest of this project!


Year 2 have been learning all about the Great fire of London. They made model houses and used them to recreate this tragic event.  The children watched in wonder as the fire spread quickly through their paper houses, showing them how quickly the real    fire would have spread in 1666.  The activity was followed by a discussion on Fire Safety.  Thanks to Mr Connor for being on standby with his buckets of water, sand and fire extinguisher.

The Big Spotacular

Both children and staff looked SPOTACULAR for Children in Need. The children had a lovely day and enjoyed a surprise visit from Pudsey Bear! We raised a total of £232 for this very worthy charity. Thank you all so much for your generosity.

National Anti-bullying Week

We had lots of activities during National Anti-bullying week to highlight how positive behaviour makes a big difference.  Y2 children made emoji pictures based on their poetry work about being kind to each other.  Y6 attended an assembly given by children from The Kingsway School, Y5 looked at the positive mindset of influential people such as Nelson Mandela and Emmeline Pankhurst, whilst Reception talked about making friends and made friendship bracelets.

Dental Health

False teeth, big teeth, bad teeth; children had lots to think about in our Dental Health Workshops.  They learned how to look after their teeth and they learned what can happen if you don’t. They talked about how to clean teeth properly and what kind of foods help to keep our teeth and gums healthy. 

Schools Linking Project

Year 5 met their friends from Romiley Primary School at Z-Arts in Manchester as part of the Schools Linking Project.  They toured the Visual Art exhibition inspired by Michael Rosen’s ‘Chocolate Cake’ poem and created their own artistic recipe for friendship using collage.

Celebrating Harvest

At our Harvest Assembly each class performed the songs and stories they had been practising.

Reception children sang the song: ‘Cauliflowers Fluffy’ and wore the vegetable hats they had made in class.

The harvest gifts brought in were donated to The Wellpring, a charity supporting homeless people.

Taking A Trip To Heald Green Library

When children in Year 1 classes walked to Heald Green library together they found out how to become a library member and how to borrow books.  They enjoyed listening to a story before exploring the library shelves and delving into all the fantastic books available to them.


Year 5 Visit The Plague Village

Year 5 have been learning about The Great Plague of 1665 and the impact it had on the lives of villagers in Eyam in Derbyshire.  They visited Eyam and learned all about the way people lived and the roles of the doctor, the apothecary, and the church during the plague.

Maths Workshops

All our children had a great time enjoying hands on participation in our recent maths workshops.  We saw how maths can be lots of fun with games which developed maths reasoning skills, strategy and teamwork.

Lots of parents also had a hands on learning experience at our family workshop after school.  We’re not sure who had more fun, the children or their parents!

Welcome Assembly

Our Welcome Assembly for our new Reception children went really well. The children were fantastic and were very proud to each come up to the front with their Y2 Buddy and receive a new book, their own Lummy Bear and a personal welcome to our Lum Head community.  Parents were very proud of their children and it was lovely to see so many parents could join us, both for the assembly and for the gathering afterwards.

Macmillan Fundraiser

Our Macmillan Cancer Relief fundraiser was a great success. As ever, we were delighted by the many and generous donations you sent in.  It was lovely to see that so many parents could come along to enjoy our new event; the coffee and cake afternoon in the school hall. The cake sale afterwards was hugely popular as always. Together we raised a total of £228.17.

Thank you to everyone who donated or baked cakes and thank you to parents; Karen Brown, Leanne Baker, and Sharon Harkin for their help throughout the afternoon. We could not have done this without them.