School finishes at 3.15p.m. on Wednesday, 27th July. 
Have a great summer break!
We look forward to welcoming everyone back on
 Monday, 5th September.
Letter From the Interim Acting Headteacher and Acting Headteacher
Here at Lum Head we value highly each stage of your children’s learning and care passionately for their welfare and development. We share the vision of ensuring the highest standards for all and are driven to enable everyone in our school to fulfill their potential. We know that each individual has something special to offer.
At Lum Head, the staff and governors work in partnership with parents and carers. We value the contributions of a child’s whole family and are committed to building strong links with the community.
Our passion for education means that we inspire and empower your children to develop a love of learning that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.
Lum Head is a caring, creative and dynamic school. We are constantly striving to improve our provision.
At the heart of our endeavours is our commitment to providing the highest standards of care and education.
Welcome to our school. This is a happy place to be!
Interim Acting Headteacher                Acting Headteacher
    Mr J Tomlinson                               Mrs D Robinson