Parent Voice


“It was such a special experience at The Bridgewater Hall.  I felt really proud my daughter was able to be part of such an amazing event.  It was inspirational to hear the young musicians play and the choirs were wonderful.  Such an enjoyable occasion and a fantastic opportunity for all the young people involved.”



The comments below are from our Breakfast Club Questionnaire and our Parents’ Questionnaire from Spring 2018.  We hope this gives you a taste of how parents feel about Breakfast Club and Lum Head. For a more detailed analysis of parents views please see the Parent Tab.



Parents took the opportunity to thank staff and let staff know how much their children enjoy coming to Breakfast Club.


One parent commented without Breakfast Club they would not be able to get to work on time.


Two parents actually said they could not work if it wasn’t for Breakfast Club.


Other lovely comments included “the boys absolutely love Breakfast Club and don’t mind that they come every day. Happy boys make it easier heading off to work”.



Children’s names below have been replaced with the word, ‘Child’

and teachers’ names have been replaced with the world ‘teacher’.


I am so pleased with the progress my child has made since starting Lum Head.  There’s a lovely nurturing feel to this school.  I feel well informed of her targets.  Children’s achievements are celebrated, this is a strength to this school.  Obviously, this school is on its way to being outstanding.


I think the changes that have been made at Lum Head are proving what a fantastic school this should have been in previous years.  The changes made are amazing and staff seem lots happier, as are students.                                                                                                                                                                      

Amazing school and staff.


My child is reading more.


Excellent School.  The cohesion and community feel of the school has ensured my child has enjoyed every minute of school.  Thank you.     


My child’s progress has been amazing this year and her confidence has grown.  She has been very settled within class and the support has been fantastic.


We are very happy with comments about my child and proud of how she is working in her last year here.  Teacher is a fab teacher and so helpful with my child’s well-being, medically and emotionally as well as ensuring her academic ability shines through too.    


Thank you for your continued support and encouragement with my child’s progress and development.  She absolutely loves school and is proud to be a pupil of Lum Head School.  


Great teacher.  Thank you. 


Teacher is an amazing teacher and has a fab impact on my child’s learning.  We are really happy with comments and levels my child is working at.    


Great thanks to teacher she worked hard with my son.  Am so happy.  Thanks teacher for co-operation and effort.  Perfect teacher, thanks for all your support.      


I feel that teacher is a very nurturing teacher and is very encouraging of my child’s learning.    


I am extremely happy with my child’s progress this year……..  She is thoroughly enjoying this year and is happy with every aspect of it.  Her teacher is absolutely brilliant and she is delighted to have her this year.                                                                                                               

I would like to commend the school and Mrs Holmes for the tenacious attitude towards the recent snow!  So many schools are so quick to close but I felt the positive attitude applied in keeping the school open during this time served as an excellent example to the children – Thank you!   


I was very happy with all three of my children’s books.  Impressed in fact. 


My child loves this school. 


Very pleased with the school and how my son is progressing – thank you very much for all your efforts.                                                                                                                                                                   

The school has a friendly and happy atmosphere and this is reflected in the staff and children.