Family Welfare Worker

Family Welfare Worker at Lum Head Primary School

Ms Latham-Smith


My role of Family Welfare Worker is devised to support families and remove barriers to learning so children can reach their true potential.  It is also designed to strengthen links with the broader community and raise the profile of our school within that community.


Since April 2013 I have been involved with the launch of Operation Eagle Eye, a project to improve the safety of children and to make the roads around our school safer for everyone.  The project was overseen by the police and a team of Year 5 and Year 6 pupils went out to encourage drivers to reduce speed, buckle up, and park more considerately outside our school.  The fact that this project was child led had a very positive impact.


Our school invested in the Play Club Project.  The extra resources we now have will help to raise achievement in phonics, reading, writing and communication.  These very creative and educational resources, which can be used at home as well as school, will help parents engage in fun activities with their children while improving their outcomes.


I have also been working and training on the development of a volunteer programme.  The idea being to encourage local universities and enterprise to come into our school so we can benefit from their skills.


This term Lum Head has been a lead school in transition to High School.  I have invited parents from the cluster to attend Transition Information Sessions to help support local children moving to High School.


Friends of Lum head made a great contribution to the success of the Gatley Festival.  It was lovely to help celebrate their hard work with coffee and cake and get the chance to say a big thank-you to them all.


A team of Year 5 and Year 6 children represented Lum Head in the cluster football tournament.  The boys and girls enjoyed the experience which reinforced our belief that all children should be able to participate in competitive sport if they choose.  From September a sporting programme will be rolled out to encourage participation.