New Books Update

New recommended reads – March 2018.

If you would like any more suggestions for books please contact me at school or drop in to the library on Tuesday mornings 8:45 – 9:20 a.m.

Please note ages stated are a guide only.


The First Egg Hunt         3-6

Adam and Charlotte Guillain

Easter chick hatches a plan to get the animals to notice her hard work helping the Easter Bunny get all the eggs ready for Easter Day.

Great fun with lively rhyming text. Celebrating teamwork this is a book which can be read all year round.


Odd Dog Out               4-7

Rob Biddulph

A dog searches the world for a place where she feels she belongs, but realises that it is better to stand

out than to be a part of the crowd. Illustrations are full of character and rhyme never falters. Great read.


Spyder       3-6

Matt Carr

A secret agent spider has to protect a birthday cake from a pesky fly who wants to eat it.

Bold Illustrations, and plenty of humour in this picture book  make it  a fantastic read.


The Pirates Of Scurvy Sands   4-6

Jonny Duddle

Vibrant art and clever plot make this a great read. A worthy sequel to the bestselling ” Pirates Next Door “


Little Red Reading Hood       4-7

Lucy Rowland

A fun reimagining of the original fairytale. Rhyming text with a theme of creativity and imagination

together with lovely illustrations make this a top pick.


Fantastically Great Women Who Made history       7-11

Kate Pankhurst

Celebrates the achievements of women in the fields of literature ,science ,entertainment, politics and civil rights

throughout history. This fabulous book will inspire and inform.


The Cat and the King    6-9

Nick Sharratt

A king and his cat move into a house in an ordinary street and settle into life with the help of their neighbours.

Odd , funny and very charming. A really lovely read.


Tin      9-12

Padraig Kenny

In steampunk 1930’s Britain, a group of mechanicals ( robots ) set out to save their friend and in turn the country from being destroyed by the plans

of a rouge engineer. Engrossing adventure with plenty of plot twists and a very crazy cast of endearing characters. Debut novel.


Battle of the Beetles     9-13


Third and final title in this series. Darkus and his friends follow Lucretia into the Jungle in order to stop her plan of releasing her army

of giant beetles upon the world. Cracking adventure with real pace and tension .Great read.


A Whisper of Horses       9-13

Zillah Bethell

A girl living in post disaster Britain goes in serch of a place where horses live, although they are considered extinct after an environmental holocaust.

Inventive language, combines with characters you’ll take to heart, and an epic journey to create a hugely enjoyable book. A real treat.


Twister        8-11

Juliette Forrrest

A young girl searches for her missing father, with the help of a witch and a magic necklace. Skillfully written fantasy with an irrepressible main character

and a unique narrative voice. Feels like a classic but with a freshness too. An author to watch.


The Legend of Podkin One-Ear       8-12

Kieran Larwood

Podkin a young rabbit is the son of a warrior chieftain. His home is brutally attacked and his family are forced to flee. Podkin must protect his family,

uncover his destiny and attempt to defeat the most horrifying enemy rabbitkind has ever known.

Certainly influenced by Watership Down and Lord Of The Rings this is a hugely exciting fantasy tale , keeping pace and holding the reader

through the whole book. First in a new trilogy. Top pick.


The 1000 Year Old Boy      10-12

Ross Welford

A boy who has lived for a thousand years , stuck at the age of 11 strives to find a place in the world where he belongs.

What in lesser hands could have been outlandish or mawkish is instead a cleverly written exploration of love, life and loss

with moments of humour. Superb.