New Books Update

Recommended Reads for Christmas from Mrs Holt our Librarian.

If you would like any more suggestions for books please contact me at school or drop in to the library on Tuesday mornings 8:45 – 9:20 a.m.

Please note ages stated are a guide only.



Have Sword Will Travel

Garth Nix and Sean Williams         9-12

An engaging fun imaginative read . Great from start to finish about the

adventures of novice knights. Good start to a new series.


The Polar Bear Explorer’s Club

Alex Bell                                       9-12

An orphan has a magical adventure when she joins a group

of explorers. Really well written fantasy with great characters.

Explorers On Witch Mountain is the exciting sequel to this book.



Amy Wilson              8-12

Enchanting ,magical story . A really great read.


The Clockwork Crow

Catherine Fisher             8-12

Victorian Christmas setting ,with creepy villains. Blue Peter Book Awards

shortlist 2019.


Mary Poppins    

P.L.Travers        8-12

This is not the entire text of the original ,just seven chapters selected by illustrator Lauren Child.

It makes a great introduction to classics with Child’s distinctive illustrations. Lovely introduction to the book.


Watership Down

Frank Cottrell Boyce           5-11

An adapted version for younger readers of the classic. By the  well known author of Cosmic,

stunning pictures make this a storybook to treasure.


The Cat and the King      6-9

Nick Sharratt

A King and a cat move into a house in an ordinary street and settle into life with the help of neighbours.

Great story for newly independent readers.



Laurence Anholt          5-9

A funny take on the traditional Cinderella. Great fun , part of a series of books by this author ,good

for encouraging confident reading .With cartoon illustrations..


Santa Claude

Alex .T. Smith          6-8

Festive story for Claude and Sir Bobblysock. One of a fantastic series of adventures

for these well loved characters.


Jupiter Jupiter

Lizzy Stewart        4-7

Jupiter Jupiter is a real life superhero. She’s super brave ,super fast, super strong and she can fly,

but is something missing ? What is a superhero without a sidekick. Lovely illustrations and great fun.


Mice Spies

Mark Sperring              3-6

Action packed rhyming story which is great fun.Really good illustrations in this picture book about mince

pies going undercover in a supermarket.


Emily Brown and Father Christmas      3-6

A welcome return for Emily Brown and Stanley in this hilarious tale.Great for fans and anyone new to these popular characters .


On the Night of the Shooting Star

Amy Hest                                       3-6

Two neighbours live their lives without speaking to each other until they both witness the sight of a shooting star

which sparks a friendship between them. A really lovely picture book.