New Books Update

Recommended Reads from Mrs Holt our Librarian.

If you would like any more suggestions for books please contact me at school or drop in to the library on Tuesday mornings 8:45 – 9:20 a.m.

Please note ages stated are a guide only.



The Really Really Really Big Dinosaur       3-6  
Richard Byrne
A rude dinosaur discovers that sharing things with friends is much more fun than showing
off all the time. Quirky illustrations, humorous text and dinosaurs . What more could you want.
Great picture book.
When A Dragon Comes To Stay       3-6
A rhyming story about a little dragon who learns about manners and how to behave herself.
Lovely picture book from the author of Whiffy Wilson. Would work well as a bedtime story.
Captain Sparklebeard         3-6
Timothy Knapman
A girl outwits a band of pirates who let her join their crew because she doesn’t have a beard and likes to read.
Great main character who shows strength and determination. Fabulous detailed illustrations. This picture book is really
good for early readers.
Captain Cat and the Treasure Map       6-9
Sue Mongredien
Captain Patch has to save her crew when she discovers a treasure map they have found is cursed.
Fun illustrations ,entertaining pirate caper. Great start to a new series for emerging readers.
Hamish and the Monster Patrol      8-12
Danny Wallace
Latest in the series of Hamish adventures. Hamish and his allies have to save Starkley from a threat coming
from the sea. Quirky adventure, oddball characters and full of humour . Brilliant.
The Dentist of Darkness    7-11
David O’Connell
This is the second book in the series of Dundoodle mysteries. Full of magic , humour and just the right amount
of peril. The Chocolate Factory Ghost was a real hit and this is sure to follow. Great Read.
The Day I Was Erased        9-12
Lisa Thompson
Eleven year old Maxwell suddenly finds that he doesn’t exist and was never born. He starts to enjoy being
anonymous , before realising he misses his old life. Maxwell needs to find a way to reverse his erasure.
This is another superb book from a brilliant children’s author.
Wildspark           9-13
Vashti Hardy
A girl joins a secret guild of scientists who have discovered how to harness the souls of dead people into mechanical animals
in the hope that she can bring her dead brother back to life.
Latest book from the author of Brightstorm. Gripping from the start this exciting adventure will have the reader
on the edge of their seat. Unexpected twists and turns keep the interest going to the last page .Fabulous
Top Pick
Secret Weapon         10-16
Anthony Horowitz
This is a fast paced selection of seven short stories about the popular character Alex Rider. Really good
way to introduce the character to would be fans. Includes three never before seen stories.