New Books Update

New recommended reads from Mrs Holt our Librarian.

If you would like any more suggestions for books please contact me at school or drop in to the library on Tuesday mornings 8:45 – 9:20 a.m.

Please note ages stated are a guide only.


Tropical Terry      3-6


An ordinary looking fish enlists the help of his friends to become more colourful. Coral Reef City is home

to the most dazzling shoals of tropical fish in all the ocean. Terry wants to be part of the dashing flashing crew.

This is a must for all picture book collections , fantastic illustrations and a really enjoyable story.



The Boy and the Bear   3-6

Tracey Corderoy

A boy has a fun summer when he strikes up an unexpected friendship with a bear.

A beautiful story with a lovely portrayal of friendship and an understanding of hibernation.

Wonderful illustrations make this a stand out book. Just one of those feel-good reads.



The Night Before Christmas     3-6

Kes Gray

Fun fresh take on an old poem which works just as well as a stand-alone leisure read.

                                  Green elves were sewing

                                  blue elves were counting

                                  red elves were carving

                                  the pressure was mounting

Great fun ,bright illustrations.



The Way Home For Wolf 

Rachel Bright      3-6

A wolf cub who longs to be big and independent accepts the help of other animals when he becomes separated from his pack.

From the hugely successful author of The Lion Inside, this is another great book

Lovely illustrations of snowy scenes also make this a good wintry themed picture book.



Dave the Lonely Monster      3-6

Anna Kemp

An elderly monster makes friends with the townspeople he used to terrorise when he was younger.

Illustrations are charming and full of life. Very likeable main character, makes this a great read.

Try if you like something a little bit different.



Mr Penguin and the Fortress      6-9

Alex T Smith

Gleefully bonkers, this is a wildly inventive tale that will make readers chuckle. A delight with amazing illustrations,

a must read from the author of the hugely popular Claude series.



The Legend of Kevin           7-10

Phillip Reeve and Sarah McIntyre

This is a lively quick read from the authors of Pugs of the Frozen North. Plenty of humour, a really enjoyable read

with the ending left open for more. Kevin the flying pony is a very endearing character. Sure to be a hit.



The Truth Pixie        6-9

Matt Haig

From bestselling author Matt Haig comes a hilarious and heart warming story, brilliantly illustrated throughout by Chris Mould.

I am a huge fan of Matt Haig’s Christmas trilogy A Boy Called Christmas , and this is a character taken from the books .

Top pick

                            Wherever she is whatever the day

                            She only has one kind of thing to say

                            Just as cats go miaow and cows go moo

                            The Truth Pixie can only say things that are true




Mr Tiger, Betsy and the Blue Moon          7-10

Sally Gardner

A young girl sets off on an adventure with a tiger and his troupe of acrobats.

A real whimsical tale of old fashioned story – telling. The authors quality prose along with  distinctive illustrations make this a real treat.

Note: This book is printed in blue ink in Dyslexie. A font specially designed to make reading easier and fun. The author is the founder of NuWord

which champions positive debate about dyslexia.



Secrets of the Sun King        9-13

Emma Carroll

Three friends embark upon an adventure when 13 year old Lillian receives a mysterious package linked to the hidden tomb of

an ancient Egyptian king. An enthralling journey ,great characters, engaging plot. A really good read.



The Train to Impossible Places        8-12


When she is picked up by the Impossible Postal Service train one night in her hallway, a young girl helps save

the Impossible Places from the wicked plans of Lord Meridian. A magical page- turning adventure rammed with

natty characters, dastardly baddies, stalwart friendships and of course a train.

Rollicking debut read , ideal for fans of Harry Potter or the Polar Express.



The Storm Keeper’s Island       9-12

Catherine Doyle

When eleven year old Fionn Boyle sets foot on Arranmore Island, he is drawn in to the magical legacy of his family and the on going

battle between the Morrigan and Dagda. An enthralling story that draws you in with the turn of every page. Beautifully written with

engaging characters. Watch for the next one!



The Last magician         9-12

Piers Torday

Three children try to find a lost magician to reunite warring tribes within a magical world.

An exciting and thought provoking story, imaginative with vivid characters and a touch of Narnia.

Top Pick . Piers Torday continues to be one of the best writers for children.