Reading At Home

Here are our Librarian’s suggestions for great reads for spring 2 term.

Please note ages stated are a guide only.


The Perfect Guest               3-6

Paula Metcalf

A neat and tidy dog’s life is turned upside down when his well meaning but accident

prone friend comes to visit. This picture book is full of charming illustrations and the

story is great fun.


Chicken Nugget in Scrambled Egg         3-6

Michelle Robinson

Little baby Benedict is still an egg at the moment and its Nugget’s job to look after him.

What could possibly go wrong. Bags of fun .


Hilda and the Runaway Baby        4-6

Daisy Hirst

A pig finds unexpected friendship when she saves a baby in a runaway pram.

This is a completely bonkers story with delightful illustrations. Lovely to share

and a real hidden gem of a picture book.


Trouble Next Door              6-10

Chris Higgins

Bella makes friends with her new neighbour when her family move house, but always seems to get

into trouble when she is around.

Action packed read for newly independent readers. Start of a new series.


Spangles McNasty and the Fish of Gold        7-11

Steve Webb

Packed full of humour and brilliant characters this is a really enjoyable fun read.

Freddie Taylor must stop Spangles McNasty and Sausage Face Pete from stealing all the goldfish

in Bitterly Bay when they think they are actually made of gold.

First title in a new series . The second title will be published around World Book Day  2nd March.


Who Let the Gods Out ?         9-12

Elliot teams up with Olympian gods when he and the zodiac Virgo accidentally released the sleep daemon from his prison.

Great mix of humour and adventure which engages right from the start. The zany characters are masterful especially Hermes

BOSH. Good start to a new series.


The Everything Machine           9-12

Ally Kennen

A boy finds himself in possession of a 3D printer which will make anything he asks it to.

Over -the -top adventure comedy , good for fans of David Walliams and David Baddiel.


The Dragon With a Chocolate Heart          8-12

Stephanie Burgis

A fierce dragon is tricked into being turned into a human when she drinks a magical chocolate potion.

Skilful unusual fantasy with a feisty heroine. Really great read.