Pupil Voice

The children at Lum Head love telling us what they think!  We carry out many different pupil voice activities over the school year.  In September all the children carried out a pupil questionnaire telling us what they thought about our school – they were very positive. 
We have a School Council and each class has two School Council Representatives.  The School Council meet regularly to discuss any issues that are of interest to our school.
These are their thoughts on some of our initiatives:
Taking time to learn another language.
We are not hurried.
Playing games and music.
It’s really fun, I like the games!
I like how fun Mrs Paisley is and the way we learn it.
I like using different instruments!
You learn how to follow a beat, you can make your own tunes.
Learning a range of instruments and music.
I like the performances.
I like it when we compose music.
Get to do challenging stuff.
Before the lessons I didn’t know what a ukulele was and if I like it but now I am getting used to it and I like it.
We do it in small groups.
Learn more about high notes and low notes.
Love it!
The adventure playground is fantastic.
It is very criss crossed and fun.
It’s super, super, super good.
It’s really good because it has a climbing wall as well.
I’ve got bronze and silver, now I have just read to get gold.
It makes me happy to get them!  I’ve got two certificates already.
I like reading because I’ve moved up because I’m reading so much. 
First of all I’d like to say thank you to Mrs Holt our librarian.
The library is another thing that encourages reading and is lovely and cosy.
I think our library is amazing. 
You have lots of choice. 
Mrs Holt has introduced me to new authors and books so I have more to choose from.
I read in the library with my mum and my sister every week.  I love that I get to read with my mum in school.
Everything.  I loved it when we went to Blue Planet Aquarium. 
Our school is great because we have so many opportunities that not many children get.  The Hallé was an amazing experience. 
I get to do my favourite things.